Tired of heavy snow buildup blocking your pathways? We are equipped to handle your snow removal needs.


Let’s face it – Edmonton winters are unpredictable and often leave us buried under centimetres of snow and ice. In just a few hours, it’s not uncommon to see blue skies turn to storms and downpours.


At Terra Nova Landscaping, we get it. We understand that a heavy snowfall can prohibit you from getting to work, make your business walkways dangerous for customers, and create slipping hazards. And it is our awareness of these issues that motivates us to offer reliable and professional Edmonton snow clearing services to our valued customers.


From apartment complex parking lots, to townhouse driveways, shopping mall lots to retail store walkways, our Edmonton snow removal contractors have the know-how and the hand-on experience to get your snow clearing project done promptly and competently.


DID YOU KNOW: Our technicians have been handling snow removal projects in the Edmonton area for more than 20 years? When you choose Terra Nova Alberta, you’re trusting a team of experienced, hard-working professionals with a longstanding reputation for excellence.



  • Scheduled Edmonton snow removal plans for commercial businesses so you can enjoy peace of mind, knowing that your lots and walkways will be clear for customers when you need it most

  • Full-service residential snow removal in Edmonton, including: hard packed snow removal, snow blowing, ice removal, and application of ice melt

  • Competitive pricing based on fair market standards

  • Service from vetted and insured professionals you can trust

  • Snow hauling services for those who would prefer to have excess snow removed from their property

  • Gravel distribution

  • An in-depth knowledge of Edmonton snow removal bylaws and all requirements



Did you know that one in three Albertans over the age of 65 will experience at least one fall due to ice and snow buildup this year? Or that 25 percent of the most serious injuries in Canada occur during the winter months?


Slips and falls caused by icy weather conditions are a hazard to pedestrians. Particularly so for seniors, who often experience more severe injuries as the result of a tumble.


It is because of these statistics that our team at Terra Nova Edmonton takes offering dependable and affordable snow removal in Edmonton so seriously.


We believe that every individual, family, business and customer should be able to safely access any property, at any time, all year round.



Of course, taking advantage of our premium Edmonton snow clearing services is the ideal way to ensure your driveways, stairways, walkways, and other highly trafficked areas remain safe and secure during the winter season.


But there are also several steps you can take to prevent the likelihood of slips and falls.



  1. Take your time. Walking cautiously and being aware of where you are stepping is crucial, especially during early morning hours and evening hours when ice is most likely to develop.

  2. Be extra careful when entering and exiting vehicles. Hold onto your vehicle for additional support until you are certain you are stable.

  3. Try to avoid carrying large amounts of groceries or other items, or walking with your hands in your pockets. Having your hands free and ready in the event that you fall can reduce the severity of your injuries, should you fall.

  4. Wear suitable winter footwear with sufficient grip.

  5. Cover heavy foot traffic areas with de-icer, rock salt, sand or kitty litter to increase traction and reduce the likelihood of slipping.


Interested in having our team of professionals take care of your snow removal needs this winter? Contact us today for a free quote!