Over the twenty years that Terra Nova has been providing our customers with superior landscaping in Edmonton, St. Albert and Kelowna, we’ve encountered virtually every landscaping challenge imaginable. We’ve also developed a suite of services to handle them all. If you’re looking to redesign your yard, let the best landscapers in Edmonton help with any of these professional services.

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Terra Nova has plenty of patios perfect for parties and entertaining. Our wood and stone work experts can design and build a patio that’s unique to you and your home. Created by our professional landscapers, Edmonton’s most beautiful patios are all part of Terra Nova’s 20-year history of landscaping excellence.

Add an eye-catching touch of tranquility to your yard with a water feature by Terra Nova. Small ponds, gentle waterfalls, and fanciful fountains can all help bring your yard to life and create a relaxing atmosphere at the same time.

A beautiful lawn starts with proper sodding. Our experts have decades of combined experience cutting and laying sods of all types for the perfect lawn. We’ll make sure you get the right look and feel for your yard or landscape, laid out with meticulous care for the best finish possible.

Greenery, foliage, and flora are hugely important to a beautiful yard. Trees, bushes, flowers and other plants have a huge impact on the aesthetic of your yard, and all come with a variety of maintenance and upkeep concerns. Whether you’re looking for beautiful, elegant simplicity or want to get a garden off to a great start, Terra Nova’s professional planting services can help.

More than just landscapers, Edmonton’s Terra Nova offers a complete suite of landscape design services as well. Having your project both designed and implemented by the same landscapers ensures a smoother project and better collaboration which ultimately produces a superior product.

Some landscapes and designs require the use of concrete and stonework. Terra Nova’s Edmonton landscape artists can pour and set concrete, and perform professional stonework, to the highest quality standards.

Winter is no problem for the leading landscapers in Edmonton. Put Terra Nova to work for you this winter to clear your lot of snow and ice.

No yard is complete without elegant and tasteful lighting to highlight, accent and complement its natural beauty. With top-quality products from brand name suppliers, Terra Nova’s outdoor lighting is perfect for evening entertaining and adding warmth and atmosphere to your yard. Plus it’s installed to the same professional standards you expect from the professionals with 15 years of landscaping excellence.

Keeping your lawn nourished is key to a healthy, vibrant landscape. Let Terra Nova make your lawn maintenance easy by installing irrigation. Automated drip and sprinkler installations, waterscaping, and winter blowouts and maintenance are just a few of the landscape irrigation services we provide. Contact us for more information.

We’re more than happy to help lay sod and install a beautiful, lush lawn for the perfect yard setting. Plus, if you’re looking for something with reduced maintenance, let us install a rock lawn for comfort and convenience. Regardless of your aesthetic decision, our landscapers in Edmonton, St. Albert or Kelowna will be happy to install your lawn with professionalism and a meticulous attention to detail.

A critical component to a beautiful backyard, decks help tie disparate elements together, providing both a distinctive visual element along with their inherent functionality. We’ll be happy to design and build a deck to your specifications, or as part of a larger landscaping composition put together by our design team.

Fences are an important part of any yard design, and not just because they help you visualize property boundaries. They create additional privacy, add value to your home, and help beautify your yard. However, there are many elements to consider, such as materials, the aesthetics of your yard design and maintenance issues. Terra Nova’s designers and landscapers in Edmonton will be happy to advise and assist on all aspects of your fence to ensure you make the right decision for your lifestyle.

Making for striking and memorable landscape designs, retaining walls can be used to mould earth and dirt into slopes and shapes it wouldn’t normally take. Retaining walls are built out of a variety of materials, including bricks, boulders, treated timbre — even poured concrete — to create a variety of textures and looks perfectly matched to your yard’s aesthetics. Let our designers and landscapers give you a beautiful and memorable yard with an elegant and eye-catching retaining wall.

There’s nothing quite as fun and relaxing as sitting around a fire with friends and family. Terra Nova fire pits fit naturally with the aesthetic of your yard, creating a warm and welcoming setting. The perfect addition to any yard, our beautiful fire pits add warmth and beauty to create a wonderful centrepiece for outdoor entertaining.