A visually-appealing, well-constructed fence brings privacy to your yard, creating a concealed outdoor space you can enjoy for years to come.


At Terra Nova, we know that a professionally-built fence is an investment, and that our customers look to us to provide creative fencing solutions that will meet their needs today and well into the future.


That’s why we specialize in both commercial and residential fence construction projects, offering premium materials and services, and ensuring every installation is built to last.


We understand that when our clients are considering fence companies in Edmonton, they are looking for qualified experts with a proven track record for delivering high-calibre results. And as an Edmonton fence contractor with 20-plus years of experience, our team of seasoned constructors are knowledgeable and proficient, always focused on executing your project with care and consideration.


Unsure of what style of fencing would be ideal for your outdoor space or privacy needs?


Our Edmonton fence installers are able to make educated recommendations, and are familiar with a wide range of fencing options.




We offer an array of fencing styles, ensuring there is an option to fit your desired aesthetic and privacy requirements.




  • Wire industrial fencing

  • Barbed wire

  • Chain link

  • Ornamental iron

  • Slatted wood fencing

  • Glass

  • Post and rail wood fencing

  • PVC


And more!




As the leading fence installation contractor in Edmonton, we know that offering competitive pricing on our services is important to the customers we serve. That’s why all of our prices are determined based on fair market evaluations, ensuring that each quote is reasonable and fair.


Additionally, we offer FREE quotes, so that you receive all information upfront – leaving no room for surprises or hidden fees.


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We always want our clientele to feel confident selecting Terra Nova Alberta as their trusted Edmonton fence builder, which is why we document our completed projects, allowing potential customers to review our past projects.


To view some of our previous fencing projects, visit our gallery here.


We are also happy to provide testimonials from satisfied clients who support our work, having seen the standard of professionalism and quality that we uphold. With 20+ years of experience as a residential fence contractor in Edmonton, we have a long list of testimonials and a history of delivering high-quality final products our clients are proud to call their own.


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We are often asked “What can I do to maintain my fence?” by customers who want to ensure their investment is protected for years to come.


So, we’ve compiled our list of top ten tips for caring for your wood fence.


  1. Clean your fence with a pressure washer. This is important in order to remove dust, dirt and debris. We recommend using a pressure washer with 2,700 PSI or less, to avoid potentially damaging the wood.

  2. Always use protective paint or stain to prevent weathering. We recommend reapplying every 2-3 years to ensure your fence is consistently protected from wear and tear.

  3. Keep sprinklers and water systems away from your fence. Ongoing exposure to water will result in rotting, mildew and fungus.

  4. Keep leaves and other debris that may trap moisture away from your fencing. Rainstorms, snow, and other extreme weather can over-saturate your soil, resulting in shifts in the grading of your soil that could impact your support posts.

  5. Replace damaged boards as soon as you notice them. Failure to do so can result in more costly repairs down the road.

  6. Before winter, cut or trim any branches hanging over your fence line. Frozen branches can scrape and damage your wood.

  7. Check your fence after drastic changes in temperature. Freezing and thawing can cause your wood to expand and contract, forcing knot holes out and exposing your fence to the inconvenience of termites and other pests.

  8. Choose the right hardware for your fence. We recommend galvanized or stainless steel hardware, as they are the most rust resistant and withstand warping well.

  9. Lubricate fence locks and hinges. Well-oiled joints will keep your entranceway opening and closing smoothly for years to come.

  10. When in doubt, trust the professionals. If you are noticing rot, damage, or instability in your wooden fence, having a professional assess the situation is the surest way to identify the source of the issue and find the most effective solution.


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